June 6, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Posted on Jun 19, 2019

Board Members Present                                                    

  • J. Somosky, President
  • T. Rekar, Vice President
  • J. Carson, Treasurer
  • T. Kippel, Sgt-at-Arms
  • P. Farmer
  • P. Malchow
  • T. Toth
  • B. Walsh
  • S. Carbonara-Ramos


  • D. Holland
  • M. Peterson
  • L. Warnes
  • R. Williamson, Secretary

Staff Members Present

  • S. Dillon, Executive Director
  • R. Keller, Office Manager
  • J. Newsome, Staff Attorney
  • G. Steinkirschner, CSPD Chaplain

Meeting called to order at 11:00am

CSPPA Scholarship Presentation and Luncheon: Ten of the thirteen 2019 CSPPA scholarship recipients and family members attended the Board of Directors celebratory luncheon and presentation of checks.

General Member Comments: None brought forward

Board Discussion Items:

  • Longevity Pay: a review of longevity pay indicates that CSPD remains competitive with other Front Range agencies; the board has additionally requested a comparative review of both shift differential and hazardous duty pay.
  • Chiefs Meeting Follow-up: discussed Corporal Program; Patrol Staffing; Senior Staff at line-ups; Mandatory Trainings; and Eval Ratings/Ticket Counts with Chiefs at May meeting. Meeting minutes issued by the Office of the Chief will reflect specifics.
  • Load Bearing Vest Update: currently in the RFI/RFP stage.
  • By-law Revision for Consideration: Section 2:
    • … Any Active Member in good standing is eligible to run for, or in the case of a mid-term vacancy, be appointed to any elected position on the Association’s Board of Directors, with the exception of the office of President. In order to be considered for the office of President the candidate must be a current member of the CSPPA Board of Directors.
      • Discussed at meeting and passed via email vote of the Board of Directors06/07/2019.
  • Financial Report: Approval of financial report:
        • 1st: S. Carbonara-Ramos
        • 2nd: T. Kippel
        • All approved
Investment Accts.     May 2019 April 2019 March 2019 February 2019 January 2019 December 2018
Checking $101,697.63 $100,587.60 $50,068.55 $111,644.96 $139,043.88 $104,181.59
Gen. Invested Fund $324,102.13 $331,526.63 $325,883.94 $322,721.28 $313,501.20 $302,021.36
Fallen Officers Fund $154,818.05 $158,425.84 $155,833.46 $153,821.08 $149,348.24 $143,763.36
Totals $580,617.81 $590,540.07 $531,785.95 $588,187.32 $601,893.32 $549,966.31


Small Donor Account:                                    April 2019                            April 2018

                                                                               $24,244.00                           $ 24,244.00

Meeting adjourned at 12:02 pm