Member Benefits

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Member benefits begin on the first day the member’s dues are paid (which can be with a check on the day the member applies to join or upon the first day the dues are withheld from the member’s paycheck). 

LEGAL COVERAGE: Unlimited legal coverage for all duty-related incidents and internal affairs investigations, and up to $2,500 for medical retirement.  All legal representation must be accessed through the CSPPA attorney with prior approval by the CSPPA. The PPA will not be responsible for legal coverage regarding appeals for Written Reprimands or Performance Improvement Plans. Additionally the PPA will not cover legal expenses related to off-duty events, criminal misconduct, nor the related IA investigations.  All CSPPA members (except retirees) have access to the Legal Defense Fund (PORAC) for legal representation in case of a critical incident or civil suit. The CSPPA maintains a Critical Incident phone 24/7 that is available for members to call immediately after an incident involving the use of deadly force. Upon notification, a CSPPA attorney will respond to assist the subject officer with subsequent interviews.

{See below for detailed information regarding the utilization of the Critical Incident phone.}

WILLS BENEFIT: $250 per member once every five years for will preparation or updating.  This must be done through the CSPPA attorney.

DEATH BENEFIT: A $1,500 Death Benefit to the listed beneficiary upon a retired member’s death. $10,000 for duty related death for active Law Enforcement civilian and sworn, and $2,500 for member’s off-duty death.  Outside CSPD (other departments) duty related deaths may receive $250.

LINE OF DUTY DEATH RELATED EXPENSES: Airline tickets, hotel rooms, and meals, etc. for family as not covered by the CSPD PPM.

HOLIDAY PARTY: Free admission to the annual Holiday Gala for the member with a significant discount for member’s guests.

CHILDREN’S PARTY: Free admission to the Children’s Holiday party for members and immediate family.

SUMMER OUTING: Free admission to an organized summer event, such as a Sky Sox game, including parking and a voucher for food and drink for members and immediate family.

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: Newsletter to keep members informed of upcoming events and topics of interest to CSPD employees.

NOTARY SERVICE: Free notary service for members and their families at the CSPPA Office.

RETIREMENT BADGES: Free badge to current CSPPA sworn members, in good standing, for 10 years upon request within 3 months of separation from CSPD.

GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS: The Board serves as a collective voice representing the interests of members in the development of sound police decisions.  Maximum representation is provided at all levels of government including Chief of Police, Civil Service Commission, Chief of Staff, City Council, Mayor and State Legislature.

DISCOUNTS:Members qualify for discounts on life, accident, automobile, cancer, renters and homeowners insurance.

PAYROLL DEDUCTION: CSPPA members can do payroll deduction for insurance, pagers, and dues.

MEDAL OF VALOR: The CSPPA sponsors the annual Medal of Valor luncheon to recognize the actions of CSPD officers.  This includes a financial donation plus the purchase of two tables at the luncheon.

GYM: The CSPPA provides a weight and exercise gym for members 24 hours a day.  The gym is located in the basement of the Municipal Court on Kiowa between Nevada and Weber (224 E. Kiowa).

FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSE: The CSPPA maintains an FFL license to allow our members to purchase firearms for personal ownership. Typically these firearms are purchased at a significant discount directly from the dealers.

{See below for detailed instructions regarding the utilization of this valuable benefit.}

SPYDERCO KNIFE DEALERSHIP: CSPPA members may order Spyderco knives through the organization at a discount.

CALENDARS/PENS: The CSPPA provides each member with a CSPPA pocket or desk size calendar and CSPPA pen each year.  Free refills for the pens are available through the office.

CELEBRATION/BEREAVEMENT: The CSPPA sends flowers/gifts/cards for, illnesses and deaths within member’s immediate family.

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS: Thirteen college scholarships in honor of our 13 Fallen Officers for member’s children and up to two for members or their spouses. Applications are due end of business on March 1st.

CSPPA MEMORABILIA: The CSPPA maintains a memorabilia store in its offices at 516 N. Tejon Street.

When a member decides to resign from the PPA, they must state an effective date on their letter of resignation.  If the membership dues continue to be withheld after that date, the PPA will write a reimbursement check.   Membership benefits listed above are set annually by the Board of Directors.

PPA Federal Firearms License:  Members who wish to purchase a firearm through the PPA need to:

  1. Contact the vendors that the PPA works with.  Rhonda has email addresses, phone numbers and passwords to the major distributors. If you do not know who to work with, contact Rhonda for more information at 634-0058 or
  2. If you do order a weapon, call Rhonda to let her know that it is coming.
  3. Before the weapon arrives you need to complete the necessary paperwork at the PPA office (background check.)
  4. The PPA does not accept COD’s for any orders.
  5. When the weapon arrives and the background check has cleared, Rhonda will contact you to pick up your firearm.
  6. Check with the office before purchasing if you need it in an expedient manner.

Critical Incident Phone:  719-229-9227

The CSPPA staff maintains a 24/7 phone line dedicated to the reporting of critical incidents by CSPPA members.  A critical incident is one that necessitates the presence of a PPA attorney on site for investigation such as an officer using deadly force. 

  1. If you or a fellow member of the PPA is involved in a critical incident, call 719-229-9227 immediately.
  2. If your call goes to voicemail, please leave:
    - Your name, the names of any additional officers involved, contact phone numbers, and your location.   
    - Information regarding the type of incident, such as shots fired/fight/accident, and where it occurred.
  3. Your call will be returned ASAP and the PPA attorney will be dispatched to your location.