April 2015

Posted on Apr 29, 2015

April 2, 2015


Board Members Present:

B Freeman, President,

R Williamson, Secretary,

T Ives, Treasurer,

J Carson, Sgt at Arms,

J Keller,

J Havenar,

J Gustafson,

J Wohlbach,

P Tomitsch,

S Pugsley


Board Members Absent:



Staff Members Present:

R Rogers, Executive Director,

R Keller, Office Manager




Meeting called to order at 11:41 am:



B Freeman spoke briefly about issues concerning members, spoke about the building purchase at 516 N. Tejon Street, that it was a good time to buy, benefit for members. He also talked about Relay for Life coming up on 06-27-2015, need member support, PPA has a team (cancer research).


Donation requests: We have $8,600 available for donations.

Shop with a Cop: Jon Gustafson asked for donations for organization. Money goes towards children with cancer. Each child gets 35 dollars, and they get to shop with a police officer (cop). Event raised $5000.00.  CSPPA gave $3000.00, Kmart and Target gave $2000.00.  Most of funding for this event comes from PPA.  Motion was made to give $3000.00 dollars again. R Williamson brought up issue that we have only $8600.00 left, and we are only in April.  R Williamson asked if more funding could come from corporate sponsors. Counter:  since Jon is member and this is an event for Children motioned continued. J Keller made the motion, P Tomitsch second, all approved.


Pipe and Drums Keith Wrede:  Issues: local officers play at funerals, events, and other law enforcement functions, all volunteer.  Main point, this is for members and officers.  P Tomitsch made a motion for $1500.00, J Gustafson second, all approved.


Court Care:   No representative present; only letter. T Ives moved that donate $500, J Wohlbach second, 7 approved, 2 disapproved. Motion passed.


PPRLE Memorial: letter requesting PPA cover refreshments at event. T Ives moved to donate $200.00, J Havenar second, all approved.


Membership Issues:

J Havenar spoke about the PPA web site, and if it was possible to have a Web log in/ for members only. He believes events which are put on the web site for members could be a potential safety issue. Example, everything is posted on the web site for the public to view. If an event is posted in the web site, and numerous cops are at this event, it could become an officer safety issue for them and their families. Believed events like this should be posted on a calendar on for members to log in and view.


He stated that we are becoming a larger more professional organization: need a more secure web site.

Need four members to create a committee to get with web designer and decide what to put on web site.  These members are: Jim Carson, John Havenar, Robin (Executive Director) and Roberto Williamson.


Political Endorsements:

The following candidates received an endorsement from CSPPA:

John Suthers      Mayor                     $3000

Bagley                 council                    $1000

Bennett              council                     $1000

Carlson               council                     $1000

Tonkins               council                    $1000

Walker                council                    $1000


P Tomitsch thinks we should give more,  J Gustafson  explained that most council members only wanted our support. P Tomitsch believes we should reach out to see it they need or want more.  Later it was realized that the time frame for election was too tight to contact candidates for additional funds as the election was only 4 days away.


L Lazoff spoke briefly: believes if we get right candidates with it would benefit the police. Mayor Bach gave us a seat on the pay and comp study.  Hope mayor elect continues with 2% pay increase every year.


Report from Executive Session: R Rogers talked about building purchase, the golf tournament and that Chris Mace is stepping down and we are looking at Monty Burrell to take his place. Update: Monty accepted and is working on the golf tournament now. He is asking for sponsors to assist.


B Freeman asked for help in getting the word out on State House Bills that the PPA wants to fight.


Need a new member to replace Mike Ray. J Havenar was voted in to the position of Vice President. Members who are interested in serving on the board are asked to contact the PPA office.


Chief’s meeting next week/need issues from members. The group discussed retiree benefits which is much more expensive because of age. B Freeman also trying to get Penrose involved in city health care.


S Pugsley brought up acceptable usage policy:   R Rogers will run this by Rich Radabaugh (attorney) to get some guidance.  Will get more information on this to members.


Financial report:

Financials are strong  $731,000.00. Membership investments are strong, a little over budget from last month/ bills other payments.


Board approvals:

March General & Executive:  R Williamson made a motion to approve, J Wohlbach second, all approved.

February  Financial: J Carson made a motion to approve, J Keller second, all approved.


Directors report:

Need to promote ourselves in community


Robin needs ten seats for CAPS  Tuesday 04-14-2015 Antlers 11:30

Robin Rogers, Rhonda Keller, Jill Wohlbach, Shelley Carbonara Ramos, new ED, Celina Mc Alpine, Mike Laurich


Four seats to Kid Power:  May 2nd,   at the Pinery

Keith Wrede x 2, John Havenar x 2


Memorial Ball  May 16th at the Marriott

Jim Carson + 1

Jon Gustafson +1

Tim Ives +1

Jill Wohlbach+ 1

Roberto  Williamson +1 (maybe)


The group was asked if the scholarship essays should be published in the Centurion?  Most said yes.


ED interview scheduled for April 3 from 1:15-3:30.


Opening on board:  Derek Graham and Drew Holiday have expressed interest.


New time 1100 for BOD next month will be at 11 with lunch then the General Session will be at 11:30.


Meeting adjourned at 12:52 pm