August 6, 2015 BOD Meeting Minutes

Posted on Aug 18, 2015


Board Members Present:

B. Freeman, President

J. Havenar, Vice President

T. Ives, Treasurer

D. Graham

P. Tomitsch

J. Carson

J. Wohlbach

J. Keller

J. Gustafson

Board Members Absent:

R. Williamson, Secretary

S. Pugsley

Staff Members Present:

S. Dillon, Executive Director

Rich Radabaugh, PPA Attorney

R. Keller, Office Manager


4 PPA Members

Kevin Dunbaugh, Edward Jones

Meeting called to order 11:40am

Donation Request: (2015 Donation funds available: $7,400)

No requests this month.

Member Discussion Items:

Executive session parameters: The Board agreed to reserve time at the end of General Session meetings to convene in Executive Session, in the event it is needed. Regular general session meetings will now begin at 11:00 am rather than 11:30 am.

Code Enforcement Membership Status: The Board voted to grandfather in current Code Enforcement members, enabling them to retain PPA membership status. This change was made to accommodate members affected by the move of Code Enforcement from the Police Department to Land Use. The by-laws will be amended to reflect this change.

1st D. Graham

2nd J. Wohlbach

All approved

There was additional discussion regarding current sworn PPA members who may retire to Code Enforcement. These members will be able to retain membership as retirees, but will not be able to shift from retiree to Code Enforcement membership status.

Municipal Gym: The PPA Municipal Courthouse Gym has been assessed by Fitness Systems, and necessary repairs will be made to achieve certification.

Gym Equipment Request: At a member’s request, the Board has approved the purchase of a medicine ball set, battle rope, and balance trainer for the Municipal Gym.

1st D. Graham

2nd J. Wohlbach

8 in favor; 1 opposed

Privacy for Cops/County Assessor/DMV paperwork: The Board discussed supporting the privacy of member officers currently in the local media; it was agreed that links to privacy resources, to include Privacy for Cops, County Assessor, and DMV paperwork will be published on the website and in the newsletter.

Agenda for the Chief’s meeting on 8/19/15:

  1. Update on August 6th PPA meeting with Local 5.
  2. PPA follow-up on peer level officer engagement in discipline issues.
  3. Update on City body shop time delays.
  4. Update on performance goals and evaluations re: 10 vs. 12 month data review.
  5. Update on discipline for missing range qualifications.
  6. Concerns regarding range location and impact on 4th quarter qualification.
  7. Discussion of member concern regarding lunch break protocol.

Financial Report:

Financial position is healthy; general invested fund up over same period last year; overall funds down, however this is attributable to purchase of 516 North Tejon.

Approval of June financials:

1st J. Wohlbach

2nd J. Havenar

All approved

Director’s Report:

Update on 516 N. Tejon: Move in date has been set for Wednesday, August 12th; office may not be fully operational on August 11th and 12th, but should be up and running on August 13th. Information posted on website and on Facebook.

Golf Tournament: 82 golfers participated in the tournament, including Mayor John Suthers. The event yielded a net profit of $7,226.00 for the Fallen Officer Fund.

Continuing to relay information on open Board seats on the website and in The Centurion; letters of intent must be submitted to the office by August 31st.

The PPA received two invitations for members to participate in local golf tournaments. Information to be posted on website.

Christmas coin honoree: it was agreed that the 2015 Christmas coin honoree will be detectives.

Meeting adjourned at 12:51 pm