December 2014

Posted on Mar 10, 2015

CSPPA Annual Meeting of the Members

December 20, 2014

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Colorado Ballroom

7:00 pm


Board Members Present: B Freeman, M Singels, T Ives, J Carson, L Lazoff, J Keller, J Gustafson, J Wohlbach, J Havenar, S Whittaker


Board Members Absent: M Ray, R Williamson


Staff Present: R Keller, R Rogers, S Richards


Membership Present: approximately 300 including guests


Special guests: Chief P Carey

Deputy Chief M Smith

Deputy Chief V NIski

EPSO Sheriff Bill Elder

DA Dan May

Deputy DA Kim Kitchen

Richard Radabaugh

Former CO House Representative Mark Barker

Civil Service Commissioner Dick Reisler

Former Vice Mayor Larry Small



  • Introduction of 2015 Board of Directors:


Office                           Name                           Year term ends (December)

Executive Committee:  

President          Barry Freeman              2015

Vice President   Mike Ray                      2016

Secretary          Roberto Williamson    2016

Treasurer          Tim Ives                        2015

Sgt at Arms       Jim Carson                   2015


At large Positions:

Sworn               Jon Gustafson               2015

Sworn               Jill Wohlbach                2015

Sworn               John Havenar                2016

Sworn               Sam Whittaker              2016

Civilian             James Keller                 2016


  • Outgoing Vice President Mike Singels remarks:
  • Thanks to Lance Lazoff for his work on the comp study

Dave Edmondson:

  • Presentation of the Fallen Officers Plaque for the PPA support of the Pikes Peak Region Peace Officers Memorial.

President Barry Freeman’s remarks:

Thank you to my wife for supporting me through this endeavor

  • Recognition of Mike Singels and Lance Lazoff for their service on the BOD.
  • Challenge coins to recognize the hard work of the CSPD patrol officers
  • Thanks to Rhonda Keller for 15 years of hard work
  • Toast to Fallen Officers

Introduce Chaplin Gene Steinkirchner for offering the blessing prior to our meal.

Dinner, dancing and casino night from 7:30 to midnight.