February 1, 2018 BOD Meeting Minutes

Posted on Feb 21, 2018

Board Members Present:                                                    

  • J. Somosky, President
  • D. Graham, Vice President
  • T. Kippel, Sgt-at-Arms
  • J. Carson, Treasurer
  • P. David, Secretary
  • R. Balka
  • P. Farmer
  • M. Peterson
  • T. Rekar
  • B. Walsh
  • L. Warnes
  • J. Keller

  Staff Members Present:

  • S. Dillon, Executive Director
  • R. Keller, Office Manager
  • J. Newsome, Staff Attorney

Meeting called to order at 11:00am

 Member Concerns:

  • Difficulties navigating the work comp/risk management process, specifically with respect to care and management of claims. A meeting will be scheduled with risk management to clarify and mediate as necessary.
  • Concern over charging CSPD officers with careless driving for on-duty traffic accidents rather than a perhaps more appropriate, lesser charge. Board to follow up for clarification.
  • Use of public, peer viewed ETACS versus confidential ETACS. Board to follow-up for clarification on determining factors.

Board Discussion Items:

  • Sheriff Endorsement: As a follow up to the CSPPA’s endorsement of Sheriff Bill Elder in his bid for re-election, PPA will be represented at the Republican General Assembly in March to speak on Sheriff Elder’s behalf.
  • Role of PPA with respect to critical incidents and critical incident reviews: Policy regarding Use of Deadly Force, notifications, expectations regarding legal council, and follow-ups by PPA Board members to be discussed with Department staff. 
  • Gun buy-back: Gun buy-back to occur in July; both members and nonmembers will be able to access the PPA for completion of necessary paperwork.  
  • Sales tax on weapons: Sales tax will no longer be collected by the CSPPA when weapons are ordered from out-of-state; instead, a use tax can be paid directly by purchasers via their individual tax returns (see https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/tax/consumer-use-tax-quick-answers).
  • CSPPA Summer BBQ: The CSPPA will again host a department-wide summer family party on July 21st. Details will be forthcoming.

Approval of January 2018 financial report:

  • 1st: P. David
  • 2nd: J. Carson
  • All approved


Investment Accounts   January 2018 January 2017
Checking $ 75,060.20 $   48,802.45
Gen’l Invested Fund $331,893.19 $288,189.17
Fallen Officers Fund $154,437.01 $133,991.83
Totals $561,390.40 $470,983.45


Investment Accts. January 2018 December 2017 November 2017 October 2017 September 2017 August 2017
Checking $ 75,060.20 $36,809.75 $75,723.52 $ 66,558.92 $ 48,257.39 $ 63,873.42
Gen. Invested Fund $331,893.19 $319,325.60 $313,346.47 $312,425.16 $309,383.02 $303,623.03
Fallen Officers Fd. $154,437.01 $149,527.03 $146,680.45 $146,107.71 $145,153.74 $141,951.23
Totals $561,390.40 $505,662.38 $537,750.44 $525,091.79 $502,794.15 $509,447.68

Non-investment Accounts:

January 2018                      January 2017

$ 10,084.38                          $ 15,622.25                Hundred Club Fallen Officers Fund

$ 29,244.00                          $ 33,244.00                Small Donor Account

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm