July 2, 2015 BOD Meeting Minutes

Posted on Jul 31, 2015


Board Members Present:

J. Havenar, Vice President

T. Ives, Treasurer

R. Williamson, Secretary

J. Wohlbach

J. Keller

S. Pugsley

J. Gustafson

Board Members Absent:

B. Freeman, President

D. Graham

P. Tomitsch

J. Carson

Staff Members Present:

S. Dillon, Executive Director

R. Keller, Office Manager


3 PPA Members

Kevin Dunbaugh, Edward Jones

Meeting called to order 11:28am

Approval of July Agenda:

1st S. Pugsley

2nd J. Wohlbach

All approved

Donation Request: (2015 Donation funds available: $7,400)

Request for approval of a $250 donation to the 2015 Restorative Justice Symposium, to be held on September 24-25th at the Beth-El Mennonite Church. The Restorative Justice program goal is to address minor infractions involving first-time, non-violent juvenile offenders in an effort to reduce recidivism.

1st J. Havenar

2nd R. Williamson

All approved

Member Discussion Items:

  1. PPA attorney Rich Radabaugh briefed the board on the Internal Affairs process and issues surrounding the privacy of PPA members when the subject of an IA investigation: if a member receives an IA letter, the officer must first contact the PPA Executive Director to initiate legal representation. The ED contacts legal counsel who then contacts subject officer. It is recommended that subject officers not discuss cases with board members or the ED as such information is subject to subpoena, and the PPA may then be in a position to become a witness against its own members. The PPA board has no right to the circumstances of such cases; the privilege of privacy rests solely on the subject officer.
  2. Executive session meeting protocol: Board member opinions vary with respect to topics that should or should not be discussed in executive session. ED Dillon to draft criteria on executive session for board review at the July meeting.
  3. By Law Review and Revision: It was agreed that bylaws need updating. ED Dillon to revise and submit for board review.
  4. Code enforcement membership status: The status of code enforcement membership, due to the department’s move from PD to Zoning and Land Use, was discussed. Issues surrounding grandfathering such members in to the PPA tabled until the July meeting, pending clarification by the PPA attorney.
  5. Review of PPA meeting with Mayor John Suthers: The Board agreed to back the Mayor’s tax initiative; if the proposed increase passes in the November election, it could buffer the department from cuts having potential impact on officers. Discussions with the Mayor’s office to continue. 
  6. Motion to remove names of former board members and executive director from ENT accounts and to add name of new ED Sherryl Dillon and current board member to accounts. 

1st J.Havenar

2nd T. Ives

All approved

Agenda for the Chief’s meeting on 7/8/15:

  1. Update on meeting with Mayor John Suthers
  2. PPA follow-up on proposal for Chief to consider regarding peer level officer engagement in discipline issues.
  3. Discussion regarding officer evaluation process.
  4. Update on municipal court appearances occurring on scheduled days off.
  5. Concerns regarding length of time for patrol car repairs.

Financial Report:

Discussed the amount of funds that should be kept in checking account; Edward Jones investment advisor K. Dunbaugh recommended keeping a larger amount than typical to enable payments to be made on new building expenses as they arise. Although general fund dollars are down compared to 2014 due to the purchase, the trade off is the investment realized in building ownership.

Approval of May financials:

1st J. Wohlbach

2nd J. Havenar

All approved

Director’s Report:

Update on 516 N. Tejon: Construction underway; demo ongoing; framing to begin shortly; continuing to have regular meetings with contractor and subs; move-in date on track for week of August 10th.

Golf Tournament: 75 golfers signed up to date; email, website, and facebook reminders posted.

Sky Sox Family Night: Scheduled for August 1st at 6:05pm.

Fallen Officers Fund: Received $5000 back from the Hundred Club’s 501(c)(3) PPA Fallen Officer’s Account to reimburse the PPA’s Fallen Officer’s Fund for its donation to the Peace Officer Memorial Ball.

All PPA bulletin boards in substations and the POC have been updated with news and merchandise.

Certifying Municipal Gym: DC Niski to forward contact information to certify equipment.

Getting the word out on open Board seats; current board asked to consider whether to include any additional issues for placement on ballot.

Christmas coin honoree: moving towards Detectives, but will be discussed again at July meeting.

Approval of June Minutes:

1st J. Havenar

2nd R. Williamson

All approved

Meeting adjourned at 1:20pm