July 2014

Posted on Jul 10, 2014

July 10, 2014


Board Members Present:

B Freeman, President

M Singles, Vice President

R Williamson, Secretary

J Carson, Sgt at Arms

T Ives, Treasurer

L Lazoff

J Wohlbach

M Ray


Board Members Absent:

J Gustafson

J Keller


Staff Members Present:

R Rogers, Executive Director

R Keller, Office Manager



Richard Radabaugh

Mark Manriquez

Kit Roupe’



The meeting was called to order by B Freeman at 11:54 am.



Mark Manriquez, candidate for Teller Co Sheriff asked the board for an endorsement. He came from San Diego County Sheriff Department. Currently he is in the Department of gaming. He endorses the Police Officer Bill of Rights as most departments are at will. He wants to do what is right and afford the officers representation and make Teller County a professional organization. He states that he is trying to do what is right for the community. He has endorsements of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. Web site is MarkForChange.com.

Kit Roupe’ is running for CO HD 17, the seat that Mark Barker had, in the Southeast part of COS. She is a Republican and has lived in COS for 35 years. She has volunteered with CSPD 1996-2006 at Sand Creek in the Citizens Advisory Committee as well as being a veteran. Her position within the district is jobs, crime, etc. She believes the solution is to grow jobs and the economy. She would like to meet with the board when issues come up and use the police as a resource.


Donation requests:

Shelley Carbonara spoke about the Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary asking for $300 for an upcoming event. This has no relationship to Law Enforcement.

Jill Wohlbach asked for a donation for Rocky Mountain Women in Law Enforcement. Asking $500.


Membership Issues:

               B Freeman reported discussions from the Executive Session

–         Meeting with Bob Beauprez

–         Taking a vote to the members regarding allowing the EPSO to be members

–         Teller County Sheriff Candidate M Manriquez

M Singels reported about the meeting with the Mayor and Chief of Staff. We are already looking at the 2015 budget. There are concerns about our pay, but the Mayor is in staunch support of the comp study He promises to veto any reduction of pay. Medical benefits were discussed- premium plans are projected to go up. The election for next year is in April. He has concerns that some council members want to cut our pay in half. Next year April election for Council is incredibly important.


Financial reports:

Account                   July                                       2014                                        2013
Checking                                                           $   94,501.99                      $   77,607.13
General Fund                                                   $ 273,082.58                     $ 419,440.33
General Invested Advisory Fund                  $ 201,628.17                     $             0
Fallen Officers Fund                                       $ 108,854.58                     $   73,637.67

Totals                                                                $ 678,067.32                     $ 570,685.13
Hundred Club/ Fallen Officers Fund          $   15,812.37                      $   20,794.70
SDC account- political candidates              $   35,244.00                      $   45,744.00


Account  August                                                            2014                                       2013
Checking                                                           $   82,582.63                      $   78,445.56
General Fund                                                   $ 276,659.55                     $ 411,400.06
General Invested Advisory Fund                  $ 201,516.20                     $            0
Fallen Officers Fund                                       $ 110,448.97                     $   72,346.70

Totals                                                                $ 671,207.35                     $ 562,192.32
Hundred Club/ Fallen Officers Fund            $   15,812.37                      $   20,794.70
SDC account- political candidates                             $   35,244.00                      $   45,744.00

* $8,815 needs to be transferred into FOF 1/15

* $20K needs to be transferred into SDC account

Finances have really looked good lately. Investments are up, expenses are down.


Board Approvals:

M Singels moved to approve the July  meeting minutes, J Wohlbach second, all approved.

J Wohlbach moved to accept the June financials, R Williamson second, all approved.

M Singels moved to accept the July financials, J wohlbach second, all approved.


Directors report:

Golf tournament raised $8,815.27 for the Fallen officer Fund.

The elections will be moved to October rather than September. Letters of interest due in 9/19/14

Functional Expenses are at 90%/2%/8% for 2013 which is incredibly favorable for the organization!


Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm.