June 3, 2021 BOD Meeting Minutes

Posted on Jun 14, 2021

Board Members Present:                                               

  • B. Walsh, Vice President
  • P. Malchow, Sgt-at-Arms
  • D. Brockman, Secretary
  • T. Kippel
  • V. Thomson
  • M. Waldera
  • S. Warren
  • S. Carbonara-Ramos


  •  J. Carson, President
  •  L. Warnes, Treasurer
  •  J. Cowan
  •  D. Holland
  •  J. Matiatos

Staff Members Present:

  • S. Dillon, Executive Director
  • R. Keller, Office Manager
  • J. Newsome, Attorney

General Session called to order at 11:00am

Board Discussion Items:

  • April Financial Report
    • Approval postponed; lack of quorum at beginning of meeting
Investment Accts  April 2021 April 2020
Checking $188,023.92 $127,099.35
Gen’l Invested Fund $307,228.32 $316,079.15
Fallen Officers Fund $194,579.23 $152,450.50
Totals $689,831.47 $595,629.00


Investment Accts.     April 2021 March 2021 February 2021 January 2021 December 2020 November 2020
Checking $188,023.92 $187,553.04 $176,458.27 $176,979.27 $123,786.97 $133,729.87
Gen. Invested Fund $307,228.32 $300,005.51 $293,793.21 $288,767.59 $289,928.48 $283,781.72
Fallen Officers Fd. $194,579.23 $190,220.16 $184,871.85 $181,005.83 $181,745.37 $178,589.83
Totals $689,831.47 $677,778.71 $655,123.88 $646,752.69 $595,460.82 $596,101.42
  • Small Donor Account:                                     

April 2021                          April 2020

$23,244.00                           $ 23,244.00

  • Chief/Sergeant Meetings: The PPA received request that the Chief resume informal meetings with street level sergeants; to be brought forward at June meeting with the Chiefs.
  • PPA Municipal Gym: install date for new flooring to be determined by CSPPA member volunteers; new fans purchased.
  • Pipes and Drums: To further support their work on behalf of CSD sworn and retired employees, the Board agreed to offer building space to Pipes and Drums for practices and meetings.
  • Meeting with Mayor Suthers: PPA representatives met with Mayor Suthers on May 27th, discussion included recent salary increase; staffing needs; and projections for 2022.

Executive Director Report:

In preparation to transition to a new investment firm, the Board passed the following resolutions:

    • The Board of Directors resolves that CSPPA corporate checks must be signed by two authorized persons, to include either the Board Vice President or Treasurer, and the Executive Director.
  • 1st: S. Carbonara-Ramos
  • 2nd: P. Malchow
  • All in favor
    • The Board of Directors authorizes the Executive Director to transfer up to $10,000 at the end of each quarter from the Operating account to the General Fund Invested account. Any amount above $10,000 to be approved by the Board of Directors.
  • 1st: B. Walsh
  • 2nd: M. Waldera
  • All in favor

A subcommittee of the Board will meet with new investment advisor to develop a PPA investment policy and goals.

PPA 2021 Christmas Gala: the Board voted to move forward with the Christmas Gala, to be held at the Antler’s Hotel on December 18th.

  • 1st: S. Carbonara-Ramos
  • 2nd: D. Brockman
  • All in favor

Rocky Mountain Vibes: Board requested ED explore holding a children’s event at a 2021 Rocky Mountain Vibes game.

Agenda Items for Meeting with the Chiefs: Corporals serving as acting sergeants; recruitment strategies; pay for stand-by court appearance; hire-backs; mandatory overtime; ability to use vacation time, and safety concerns.

Meeting adjourned at 12:35pm.