June 9, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Posted on Jun 22, 2016


Board Members Present:

  • M. Singels, President
  • R. Williamson, Secretary
  • R. Biechler, Treasurer
  • T. Charles
  • P. Tomitsch
  • J. Keller
  • S. Pugsley
  • B. Walsh

Board Members Absent:

  • J. Havenar, Vice President
  • J. Carson, Sergeant-at-Arms
  • D. Graham

Staff Members Present:

  • S. Dillon, Executive Director
  • R. Keller, Office Manager
  • J. Newsome, Attorney


  • CSPPA scholarship recipients and guests
  • K. Dunbaugh, Edward Jones

Meeting called to order: 11:00am

CSPPA Scholarship Awards Celebration: 

Luncheon held to honor 13 CSPAA scholarship recipients; those in attendance were awarded their checks during the board meeting by President Mike Singels.

General Member Concerns: 

Concern brought forward regarding a statement during a recent OAC meeting concerning pay increases. It was clarified that, per City HR Director Mike Sullivan, salary increases are under review for 2017. The PPA has requested the list of comparison cities and data from HR, as well as an expedited meeting to discuss.

Member Discussion Items:

Retention of Recruits: Board members discussed the likelihood of increased difficulty in keeping recruits due to CSPD’s lower pay and benefits (as compared to other Front Range departments), and rising workload. To be reviewed at CSPPA meeting with the Chiefs.

Health Benefits RFP Process: The PPA and Local 5 have been invited to sit on the review committee as voting members. PPA is being represented by Mike Singels and Sherryl Dillon. Any insurance company that wants to submit a proposal may do so within the parameters of the RFP.   First meeting was orientation; subsequent meetings to occur in June and July.

Compensation Meeting: May 20th meeting postponed until July by City HR Director Mike Sullivan. Board requested that meeting be pushed up to June and requested the list of comparison cities and data from HR.

CSPPA Survey: Survey went live Tuesday, June 7th via Department email, is accessible to both members and nonmembers, and will remain open until June 28th. By day 2 of the survey, there were nearly 200 responses.

Candidate Vetting: Consensus of opinion that support of incumbents to be dependent upon candidate’s prior legislative session voting record. Vetting to be revisited after primary election results are in.

Brady List Legislation: Discussed having a local Senate or House candidate sponsor CSPPA initiated legislation. Discussion centered on whether this would be better off done by Denver or Aurora PPA. To be continued after primary results are in.

PPA Representation: Board member Roberto Williamson to serve as PPA representative on NeoGov Board.  Board member Bill Walsh to serve as PPA representative on committee reviewing Promotional Process RFPs.

Agenda for the Chief’s meeting on 6/15/16:

  • Local law enforcement issues in media
  • Follow up on CSPD employee survey
  • Recruitment process
  • Impound lot concerns
  • Years of service vs. level of education

Financial Report:  Monthly expenditures are well within budget parameters and balance sheet shows growth in equity compared to one year ago.

Investment Accounts     May 2016 April 2016 March 2016 February 2016
Checking $29,915.70 $21,323.68 $53,476.64 $45,953.03
General Invested Fund $290,146.25 $287,438.18 $284,205.27 $272,191.45
Fallen Officers Fund $125,512.84 $124,857.26 $123,066.33 $116,907.63
Totals $445,574.79 $433,619.12 $460,748.24 $435,052.11

April financials approved.

1st S. Pugsley

2nd R. Williamson

All approved

Meeting adjourned: 1:05 pm