March 2015

Posted on Apr 29, 2015

March 5, 2015


Board Members Present:

B Freeman, President,

M Ray, Vice President,

R Williamson, Secretary,

T Ives, Treasurer,

J Carson, Sgt at Arms,

J Keller,

J Havenar,

J Gustafson,

J Wohlbach,

Board Members Absent:


Staff Members Present:

R Rogers, Executive Director,

R Keller, Office Manager,


Jim Stinson and wife,

Brian Grady,

Dave Edmondson,

+14 guests

Meeting called to order at 11:32 am:

Donation requests:

Jim Stinson (member) from KidPower requested a donation to fund the event: Chocoholic Frolic. This money goes to teach classes from 4-18 year olds. They learn self protection skills, bullying protection, etc. They have served 43,000 kids and at-risk adults.


Brian Grady (retired member) requested funds for the Boys and Girls Club. He has been on their board for 7 years, and they work with at-risk kids. They work to develop skills and leadership; they have an annual Youth of the Year event as a fund raiser. They are asking for $1,000.


Pikes Peak Regional Memorial- Dave Edmondson reported on the progress and the fact that their goal has increased. Last year we had a corporate table. All funds raised go to the construction of the memorial. The committee cannot break ground until they reach $1M. If they can reach $400-500,000 other big donors will help. The event weekend will be May 15 and 16th.




Membership Issues:

Report from the recent Chief meeting: B Freeman spoke of the attendees and what was covered. Members in attendance were pleased with the issues brought up by the BOD.


L Lazoff reminded everyone that officers are getting a 2% raise in April- due directly to the PPA’s involvement in the Comp Study held several years ago. While speaking with council candidates we need to be sure to mention future raises and our hope to continue to get at least 2% raise per year. Redoing the comp study may not be the wisest, as we got a fair deal with the last one, and it may be best to keep on track with that one. L Lazoff will step up to help should we need to engage in another study.


B Freeman explained the fact that the BOD opened an additional seat on the board and the P Tomitsch and S Pugsley were appointed to the BOD,


Political report: B Freeman reported that we are interviewing for the mayor seat as well as 3 at-large council seats and one seat in District 4. The questionnaires that each candidate responded to will be printed up and shared at the POC and each of the substations so that everyone has a chance to read each candidate’s thoughts on Public Safety.


Discussion over the recent Chiefs meeting and the issues discussed. Also discussed the PPA gym and the attempt to get it certified for use by officers. The members were told about the process being used to select a new Executive Director.


A concern was raised about movement to specialized units, but examples were given where specialized units have had few applicants and some have had to repost more than once to fill vacant positions.

Financial report:

The financials are looking healthy especially in the area of investments. The Fallen Officer accounts total $133,363, and there are adequate funds in the Small Donor Committee to cover the endorsements for the April 2015 election.


Board approvals:

Offsite meeting minutes: R Williamson moved to approve, J Wohlbach second, all approved

General and executive meeting minutes 2/5/15: R Williamson moved to approve, J Keller                                  second, all approve

January Financials: J Keller moved to approve, J Wohlbach second, all approved


Meeting adjourned at 12:52 pm