May 2015

Posted on May 18, 2015


May 7, 2015


Board Members Present:

B. Freeman, President

R. Williamson, Secretary

T. Ives, Treasurer

J. Carson, Sgt at Arms

J. Keller

J. Havenar

J. Gustafson

J. Wohlbach

P. Tomitsch

Board Members Absent:

S. Pugsley

Staff Members Present:

R. Rogers, Executive Director

S. Dillon, Incoming Executive Director

R. Keller, Office Manager



Meeting called to order at 11:35 am:


Barry introduced the new Executive Director, Sherryl Dillon.  Sherryl serves as President on the Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 Board. She has political experience at the state and local level. Sherry started in April and will be working alongside of Robin until July 1 to learn about the issues concerning many officers.

Announcement of the new board member. Derek Graham was selected as the new board member to fill a vacant position.


Donation requests: We have $3,400 available for donations.

Denver Police Protective Association Golf Tournament: Request for $250.00.Have given to DPPA in past, thought was to continue with tradition.

1st John Havenar

2nd Jill Wohlbach

All Approved

Membership Issues:

    1. Barry Freeman; Solicit walkers for relay for life on 06/27/2015. This takes place at Liberty High School; it is fund raiser for American Cancer Society. PPA donated monies for this event, need walkers to participate. Get information out to members, to see if they are willing to walk. This is for a good cause.
    2. Barry Freeman; Air Unit Support: Was approached about starting up the air unit again. This would be in conjunction with the SO, and available funds.   This is later, possible next year.  Wanted the PPA BOD to be aware of this and consider the support of the Air Unit.
    3. Barry Freeman; PPA Gym certification for workout/workers comp. The PPA’s gym needs to be certified before officers are covered under workman’s comp. Mike Ray was looking into this as he knows a person who could inspect and certify the equipment that it is safe.  Pete Tomitsch will reach out to Mike.  Also it was discussed at the last chiefs meeting about using the Training Academy gym 24/7. The details are being worked out. PPA may have to pay for some construction cost, (at the training academy) if this is approved.
    4. Qualifying at the Range: Tim Ives brought up concerns now if you fail to qualify at the range (range Failure). Rumor: if you fail you will be issued an SDR. If you fail a second time, you will be issued a written reprimand.  This is going to be brought up in the chiefs meeting. These were on site, or discipline would be served immediately.
    5. Body Worn Cameras: Tim Ives learned that the IT department was already negotiating a contact or deal on the body worn cameras. He advised they were still testing the cameras from other vendors, but IT was in the process of deciding which camera to use. Tim’s concern was why continue to test the cameras it one is being picked.   He was concerned we need a quality product, and should not rush to pick a product.  Pete Tomitsch brought up the fact that cameras are coming and the PPA and PD should get on board/behind the chiefs and support this. He believes this is good public relations. Other concerns came up that ne policy is in place, that the PPA would like to have a seat at the table on how the policy is structured.
    6. Political Endorsements: Robin Rogers reminded everyone that the PPA has endorsed John Suthers for Mayor. Would like everyone to inform and remind members/families/friends to vote and vote for our candidate.
    7. Report from the Chiefs Meeting:  (04/15/2015), The chiefs had a lists of topics they wanted to talk about, They started the meeting and there was not enough time left for the PPA to get through our issues. Two of the chiefs had to leave to go to a different meeting. This shortened our time to speak.  Suggestion, that we (PPA) go first at the next meeting and alternate who leads

Agenda for the Chiefs meeting (05/20/2015)

    1. Body Worn camera:; Pete Tomitsch; would like to see or have input in the policy before cameras are issued to all officers.
    2. Discipline Issues: Pete Tomitsch would to talk about patrol officer’s insight into the discipline process. Have an officer (independent) of the incident, do investigation and offer their input into the process. This would be a point of view from the patrol level. Example; three officers on a call and clear.  A Sgt looks at it finds a policy violation a discipline is started. A patrol level view would be great here.
    3. Sectors being filled based on day of the week: Sector assignment matrix;   Causes a morale issue.   Seems that anymore seniority means nothing. You no longer can pick nor have your own sector.  Second point, officer safety issue, officers reported that they are sometimes assigned different sectors daily. They are being called and at times not answering the radio. Third issue for this point, there is no more community policing. Officers do not get to know the sectors/area or people.
    4. Patrol Officers Having to do Transports: for specialized units. This mainly effects Gold Hill Patrol at the POC. The concerns are that patrol is always busy; it takes from their manpower… why cannot specialized units have a car with a cage and transport their own prisoner?

Financial Report:

Most financials are up; General fund up; Fallen officer Fund Up; Political Funds up; All funds are up, will be writing a check to purchase the building out of the Advisory Solutions account at Edward Jones. This building is an investment; payment will be lower than renting a space.

Directors Report:

    1. Lease on current property expires the last day of May.   We have been extended until the end of July, by this time we should be ready to move into the new property/building. Good news is the purchase price on building was $620,000 yet it was appraised at $640,000. With the build out this will increase value of the building per the appraisal to $875,000 so we already will have about $55K in equity before we even move in!  Bids are still going out to general contractors. The closing is May 12, we have put $25,000 down earnest monies, down payment will be 124,000 (including the earnest money), and construction down payment will be around $40,000.  Back of building will be open 24/7 with a card key entry for members to use.  During normal business hours, the front part or administrative section of the building will be open. After business hours, most of building will be closed except the rear portion which will have bathrooms, cool bottled water, microwave, TV, coffee, USB ports and seating. Should be done by late July; moving in the last 2 weeks. There is room to hire another office employee.  Will work this out when the budget is finished. Tim Ives vision is to have the office open five days a week.  We may start off by hiring a part time employee.
    2. Golf tournament is coming up July 13. Monty Burnell took Chris Mace’s slot as chairman. Tournament will be at Cheyenne Mtn. Resort.
    3. Sky Sox Event Aug 01, 2015: family event that is free to members and their immediate family, including free parking and $5 towards food/drink.
    4. Memorial Ball is approaching 05/16; we have Gustafson, Ives, Carson, Wohlbach and Dillon going to the event.
    5. Scholarships updates, all have been awarded and will be present for presentation at BOD meeting June 4th.

Other business:

Barry went to the CSO academy and picked up eight new members (civilian). Need to get more civilians involved as members of the PPA.   PD and CSO’s are hired as a group, easier to approach them.

Meeting adjourned at 12:36.