Meeting Minutes




November 6, 2014


GENERAL SESSION MEETING MINTUES                                                                            


Board Members Present:

B Freeman, President

M Singles, Vice President

R Williamson, Secretary

J Carson, Sgt at Arms

T Ives, Treasurer

J Gustafson

J Wohlbach

J Keller

L Lazoff

M Ray


Board Members Absent:



Staff Members Present:

R Rogers, Executive Director

R Keller, Office Manager



Sam Whittaker

John Havenar

Ann Sulley


8 guests


President B. Freeman called the meeting to order at 1140 hours.


Guest – Ann Sulley

National Homeland Defense Foundation- support their annual event. Purpose is to connect community with military/ share information with the community. Starting a First Responders Conference, and asking for support for the conference. BOD will vote in executive session. Asking for $500?


Membership Issues

Nothing from the members.

PAT: BOD explained and supported the testing and the department in their efforts to make the department more fit for duty. The PPA will continue to try to push for time to work out while on duty. Question about taking the test and getting injured during the test. They will go on light duty. We need to make sure that Doctors when releasing people from light duty understand that they will be required to pass the PAT and so to not release them until they are well enough to take the test without creating further injury.

               The BOD is lobbying for a second workman’s comp doctor so that people have a choice when needing workers comp assistance.

               April election: BOD is concerned about the Mayoral election coming up and if Mayor Bach is going to run or not. Candidates need to declare their interest and get a packet on Jan 7 and turn in 100 signatures by Feb 11. Election is on April 7.

               PPA may be looking for new office space as we continue to grow. The current lease expires May 31, 2015. Interested in office space across the hall from current office. Discussion around the best location for the office to be handy for members but also most conducive for work with the city officials.




                              Account      October                                            2014                                         2013               

                              Checking                                                                           $   77,423.41                        $   101,352.91

                              General Fund                                                     $ 274,856.46                        $   434,448.55

                              General Invested Advisory Fund                        $ 200,597.32                        $             0

                              Fallen Officers Fund                                           $ 109,871.85                        $     76,781.01      

                              Totals                                                                $ 662,749.04                        $   612,582.47      

                              Hundred Club/ Fallen Officers Fund                  $   18,076.79                        $   20,794.70

                              SDC account- political candidates                     $   25,244.00                        $   39,744.00  

        * $8,815 needs to be transferred into FOF 1/15 (golf)

                              * $20K still needs to be transferred into SDC account for 2014     


Kevin Dunbaugh reported that the investments are up 5-6%. Will take about 7 years to double the account. Kevin does not recommend we purchase a building at this time.


Board Approvals

September financials: M Singels moved to approve, J Wohlbach second, all approved

October board minutes: R Williamson moved to approve, K Wohlbach second, all approved.


Director’s Report

Election results:

The gym is now to be named the Pig Pen. T Ives submitted the suggestion and will receive a $100 gift for winning.

More cops, more pay? Was split pretty even between the two but pay got more votes than cops.

Christmas party December 20

Discussion on how can members may be more informed. Currently developing a new website and opening sales and donations on line using PayPal for credit cards. Can members have access to the office 24/7? Or, can the office be open all the time?

The off-site meeting will be January 14th from 8-6 at the Double Tree World Arena.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:33 pm.



Board Members Present:

B Freeman, President
M Singles, Vice President
R Williamson, Secretary
J Carson, Sgt at Arms
T Ives, Treasurer
J Keller
L Lazoff
J Wohlbach
J Gustafson
M Ray

Board Members Absent:


Staff Members Present:

R Rogers, Executive Director
R Keller, Office Manager


Richard Radabaugh
Mark Barker
Pete Lee, candidate
Dave Munger, CONO

+8 members.

The meeting was called to order by B Freeman at 1136 hours.


Dave Munger spoke to the group concerning the Pikes Peak Stormwater Task Force. Dave is one of the co-chairs. There is currently a $700M backlog of projects that need to be addressed, with $14M to maintain. The Regional Authority will be governed by a board. They need two parties to start (COS and EPC). Most projects are in the city- 70% city and 25% county. They are looking at a fee, not a tax that would have to go on the November ballot and would be caught through property tax. Colorado Springs Forward did a survey and they believe that this would win at the ballot. Everyone who owns property would be subject to the fee. Average cost would be about $10/mo., the fee being based on the size of property. The projects would be based on lists/needs. They are asking for an endorsement and possibly donation in the future.

Pete Lee spoke regarding his candidacy for HD 18. He represents the downtown area of CS. He spoke of his support for collective bargaining, the private investigators licensing, as well as his support for the gun laws that were passed into legislation last year. He fielded many questions concerning his voting record from the BOD. Hoping for an endorsement/support.

Mark Barker followed up regarding potential addition of Law Enforcement into Fire Fighters Safety Act passed last year. We need to be strategic in choosing who to endorse, both democrats and republicans in order to get things done at the state level.

Membership issues:

B Freeman spoke to the attendees about the Brady List and what we learned from the meeting with the DA. The DA office is compelled to follow the guidelines by the court. Chief and Sheriffs got together to come up with guidelines for Brady List Best Practices. The DA is following those guidelines.B Freeman also gave a report from the Mayor and Chief meeting on July 16. Question to be asked is does the Chief prefer more manpower or more pay? The working hours are not going to change. Looking at manpower issues for shifts. Questions about training- either you are sent by the department, or no training will happen. Work comp issues and FLSA. IA complaints are taking up to a year to complete, the Chiefs agreed to look into this. Also discussed the 2015 budget.

Financial reports:

General Fund
General Invested Advisory Fund
Fallen Officers Fund

Hundred Club/ Fallen Officers Fund
SDC account- political candidates

$ 62,443.81
$ 272,477.66
$ 200,352.41
$ 108,621.64

$ 643,895.52
$ 15,812.37
$ 35,244.00

$ 58,777.87
$ 406,408.76
$ 0
$ 71,347.95

$ 536,534.58
$ 20,794.70
$ 45,744.00

Finances have really looked good lately. We may double in another 5 years (although Edward Jones rep believes that it will be more like 10 years). Audit was conducted week ago, and preliminary reports show that things appear to be in order.

Board Approvals:

M Singels moved to approve the June meeting minutes, J Carson second, all approved.
J Wohlbach moved to accept the May financials, M Singels second, all approved.

Directors report:

Information was distributed regarding the Safe Call Now program for Law Enforcement substance addictions. Cops are kept separate during treatment, and Save Call Now considers paying for travel to and from the treatment facilities.

Sky Sox event was cancelled in the 4th inning due to the weather. If people wish to turn in their tickets to attend another game, they may do so at the ticket booth. Golf tournament report- tournament went very smoothly. Will have totals to report soon.

Meeting adjourned at 1305 Hours