Posted on Nov 12, 2015


Board Members Present:

B. Freeman, President

J. Havenar, Vice President

J. Carson, Sergeant-at-Arms

T. Ives, Treasurer

R. Williamson, Secretary

P. Tomitsch

J. Keller

D. Graham

J. Wohlbach

S. Pugsley

Board Members Absent:

J. Gustafson

Staff Members Present:

S. Dillon, Executive Director

R. Keller, Office Manager


10 PPA Members

2 Guest Presenters

Meeting called to order 11:00am

  • Results of CSPPA board election announced: Mike Singels (President); Rod Biechler (Treasurer); William Walsh (Sworn-at-Large); Pete Tomitsch (returning Sworn-at-Large), and Theron Charles (Sworn-at-Large).
  • Outgoing Treasurer Tim Ives was thanked and acknowledged for his 15 years of service on the CSPPA Board of Directors.


  • Commander Pat Rigdon presented an update on development of CSPD’s body-worn camera program and policy development process. Briefly reviewed the pilot study conducted in early 2015, preliminary findings from community symposiums and citizen surveys, and the RFP process. Indicated that the BWC program will be rolled out in phases and will include a training component. Policy implications include discretion, privacy, video release, and usage. Commander Rigdon indicated that the CSPPA Board will have input in policy development via inclusion in small focus group discussions.
  • Commander Sean Mandel presented information on the Center for Policing Equity/CSPD Community Trust Study. This is a voluntary submission of data to the CPE to confirm CSPD officers employ best practices, specifically with respect to nonbiased policing. The CSPPA Board indicated it is in support of this endeavor and will encourage members to participate in the forthcoming department-wide CSPD/CPE climate survey.

Donation Requests: (2015 Donation funds available: $4950.00): None submitted

Member Discussion Items:

Policy and guideline development on use of PPA office/conference space: Board agreed that a policy is needed to set parameters around use of PPA building space. Fees may be assessed if an organization requests after-hours use to cover cost of CSPPA staff time, and/or if an organization charges attendees. Policy refinement is ongoing and will take into account nonprofit/for-profit status of requesting group.

CAPS request to utilize PPA space for January leadership committee meeting: Board approved request and agreed that future requests by organizations aligned with the mission of the PPA may be approved by the Executive Director.

PLET training seminar: discussed hosting a law enforcement training seminar prior to year-end; since there is insufficient time to solicit nonmember attendees from other area departments to help recoup the $3250.00 fee, it was determined to be cost prohibitive and will be revisited at a later date in 2016.

Process for hiring legal counsel: Review committee formed, to include D. Graham; B. Freeman; J. Wohlbach; M. Singels; R. Radabaugh; and S. Dillon. Candidates will be solicited via the Colorado Bar Association monthly journal.

Agenda for the Chief’s meeting on 10/21/2015:

Continued discussion on peer officer engagement in disciplinary issues.

Clarification regarding volume and disposition of IA complaints.

Financial Report:

While there is a decrease in the General Fund compared to October 2014 due to building and legal fees, investments are up.

Approval of financials:

1st J. Wohlbach

2nd D. Graham

All approved

Director’s Report:

Website update: working with vendor on creating member only pages and securing uniform emails to facilitate rapid contact with membership (i.e.

Meeting adjourned 1:26pm