November 7, 2019 BOD Meeting Minutes

Posted on Nov 19, 2019

Board Members Present:                                                   

  • J. Somosky, President
  • J. Carson, Treasurer
  • T. Kippel, Sgt-at-Arms
  • R. Williamson, Secretary
  • P. Farmer
  • W. Walsh
  • L. Warnes
  • D. Holland
  • S. Carbonara-Ramos


  • T. Rekar, Vice President
  • P. Malchow
  • M. Peterson
  • T. Toth

 Staff Members Present:

  • S. Dillon, Executive Director
  • R. Keller, Office Manager
  • J. Newsome, Staff Attorney
  • G. Steinkirschner, CSPD Chaplain

Meeting called to order at 11:00am

Donation: Representing Stockers Car Club, Sheldon Schnese presented Jim Carson, President of the CSPPA Fallen Officer Relief Fund, with a $2000 general FoRF donation.

General Member Comments:

City settlement offers to medically retiring sworn employees continues to be of concern, specifically when agreements preclude future employment by the city.

Colorado House Bill 19-1080 discussed: the bill permits any resident of the State who is a first responder with a permanent occupational Disability to obtain a free, lifetime combination small game hunting and fishing license; a free Columbine annual state park pass; and to participate in the Property Tax Work-Off Program.

Board Discussion Items:

Annual Financial Review: The annual financial review was presented by Certified Public Accountant Mitch Downs of Osborne, Parsons & Rosacker, LLP. The review and Form 990 were accepted by the Board, and will be filed with the IRS and Secretary of State accordingly.

    • 1st: R. Williamson
    • 2nd: B. Walsh 
    • All in favor

Support the Blue Day: Scheduled for Friday, November 29th, Support the Blue participants will hold signs in support of law enforcement at different locations throughout the City. The Board voted to allocate $100 for supplies for posters.

    • 1st: J. Carson
    • 2nd: D. Holland 
    • All in favor

Chiefs Meeting Follow-up: discussed Workman’s Comp, PSR Pay, G.O. 1650/ Section .40, and Senate Bill 2552 – Expanding Health Care Options for Early Retirees. Meeting minutes issued by the Office of the Chief reflect specifics for each item.

Executive Director Report: Preparations for the CSPPA Christmas Gala, to be held December 14th, and the December 4th Children’s Christmas Party, are well underway. The all-day Annual Meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 17th.

Financial Report: Approval of October financial report.

    • 1st: D. Holland
    • 2nd: L. Warnes
    • All in favor
Investment Accts.     October 2019 September 2019 August 2019 July 2019 June 2019
Checking $109,195.71 $100,905.47 $93,364.32 $116,114.15 $106,655.52
Gen. Invested Fund $341,731.97 $338,787.08 $336,155.68 $339,686.81 $335,618.45
Fallen Officers Fd. $163,489.63 $162,208.67 $161,298.55 $162,567.40 $160,501.11
Totals $614,417.31 $601,901.22 $590,818.55 $618,368.36 $602,775.08

Small Donor Account:                                            October 2019                    October 2018

                                                                                          $23,244.00                           $ 24,244.00

 Meeting adjourned 12:45pm; Board entered executive session for annual personnel discussion.