Posted on Oct 28, 2015


Board Members Present:

B. Freeman, President

J. Carson, Sergeant-at-Arms

T. Ives, Treasurer

R. Williamson, Secretary

D. Graham

J. Gustafson

S. Pugsley

Board Members Absent:

J. Havenar, Vice President

P. Tomitsch

J. Wohlbach

J. Keller

Staff Members Present:

S. Dillon, Executive Director


6 PPA Members

Kevin Dunbaugh, Edward Jones

Meeting called to order 11:00am

Donation Requests: (2015 Donation funds available: $5450.00)

Pikes Peak Region Law Enforcement Family Support Group: This group was started by four spouses of PPA members, who wish to become a support source among the law enforcement community. Their mission is to provide support and fellowship among families who face challenges in law enforcement.

The group was seeking permission to utilize the PPA web site to get their information out to members and other law enforcement officers.  A motion was made by Officer Pugsley to give the group $500.00 to help with startup, as their mission aligns with the mission of the PPA.

1st Pugsley

2nd Ives

All approved

Request by Sergeant Lisa Cintron for $200.00 to provide refreshments at the kick-off celebration of the Chief’s Youth Advisory Council. As the event was held between board meetings, the request was approved on line.

Request for endorsement and 2016 campaign contribution from Representative Pete Lee: tabled until candidate vetting process gets underway, as election is not until November 2016.

Member Discussion Items:

Member utilization of $100.00 educational benefit: K-9 unit requested clarification regarding use of $100.00 member benefit, specifically whether it could be used to reimburse officers attending a training seminar not paid for by the department. The board determined that the request fell within the parameters of member benefits, and as such, reimbursement is appropriate upon presentation of a paid receipt.

Pro Police Rally: a request was made by Pro Police Rally, a for profit organization based in Denver, to support its rally that was held on October 18th in Acacia Park. The CSPPA chose not to engage in the event, which retrospectively was poorly organized and attended.

Ballot Issue 2C: The Board has agreed that the CSPPA will continue to support the November road tax initiative, but will not be contributing financially to the campaign.

1st Pugsley

2nd Carson

5 approved; 1 opposed

Brady List Review: Board requested an update from CSPPA Attorney Rich Radabaugh on how placement on the Brady List is determined. If an officer has a sustained use of force finding, the District Attorney can exercise discretionary judgment in terms of whether that officer is placed on the Brady List.   Given this information, the CSPPA Board of Directors is assessing how best to address this issue with DA Dan Mays.

Agenda for the Chief’s meeting on 10/21/2015:

Follow-up on peer level officer engagement in discipline issues.

Brady list concerns/PPA response

Financial Report:

Due to market conditions, September numbers were down five percent, however, financials were up 1.5 percent overall.

Approval of September financials:

1st J. Carson

2nd S. Pugsley

All approved

Form 990 submitted for approval. Minor administrative corrections to be made, however, these do not affect financial component.

1st S. Pugsley

2nd J. Gustafson

All approved

Meeting adjourned 12:35pm; Executive Session convened to discuss legal services.