October 1, 2020 BOD Meeting Minutes

Posted on Oct 26, 2020

Board Members Present:                                                     

  • J. Carson, President
  • P. Malchow, Sgt-at-Arms
  • L. Warnes, Treasurer
  • R. Williamson, Secretary
  • J. Cowan
  • P. Farmer
  • T. Kippel
  • B. Walsh
  • S. Carbonara-Ramos

Staff Members Present:

  • S. Dillon, Executive Director
  • J. Newsome, Attorney


  • T. Rekar, Vice President
  • T. Toth
  • S. Warren
  • D. Holland

General Session called to order at 11:06am

Board Discussion Items:

August Financial Report

  • 1st: L. Warnes
  • 2nd: P. Malchow
  • All in Favor


Investment Accts  August 2020 August 2019
Checking $138,576.16 $93,364.32
Gen’l Invested Fund $270,217.78 $336,155.68
Fallen Officers Fund $170,156.23 $161,298.55
Totals $578,950.17 $590,818.55


Investment Accts.     August 2020 July 2020 June 2020 May 2020 April 2020 March 2020
Checking $138,576.16 $123,123.57 $125,791.75 $111,002.55 $127,099.35 $106,509.21
Gen. Invested Fund $270,217.78 $263,499.72 $253,223.09 $252,306.73 $316,079.15 $300,922.94
Fallen Officers Fd. $170,156.23 $165,981.71 $159,612.87 $159,469.40 $152,450.50 $142,883.56
Totals $578,950.17 $552,605.00 $538,627.71 $522,778.68 $595,629.00 $550,315.71

Small Donor Account:

  •  August 2020                     August 2019
  • $23,244.00                           $ 24,244.00


  • Municipal Gym Update: 1200 square feet of rubber matting purchased and in the gym awaiting install by PPA members who volunteered to assist with flooring.  Superfluous equipment will be removed as well, and the board will then reassess the need for further improvements.
  • Preservation of Life Medal: As reported by the PPA’s Awards Committee representative, the Preservation of Life Medal will not be moving forward as the criteria to receive this medal are covered under the Medal of Valor.
  • Report on September Meeting with the Chiefs: Discussion reflected in the September 23rd Chiefs’ meeting minutes.
  • Agenda Items for October Meeting with the Chiefs: to be determined
  • Executive Director Report:
    • SB20-217 Insurance: The PPA, Chief Niski, and insurance representatives will be meeting on October 14th to discuss potential insurance plans in response to SB20-217.
    • CSPPA Community Outreach: Over 200 signs in support of CSPD have been sold, and another 100 signs have been ordered.  All proceeds benefit the CSPPA Fallen Officer Relief Fund.
    • Magnum: An email notice went out to members with information on how to access the new PPA Magnum benefit. Several members have already taken advantage of the discounts offered.
    • Sesquicentennial Badges: In partnership with the Department, the CSPPA is coordinating the badge sale, with a portion of each sale benefiting the Fallen Officer Relief Fund.
    • LETAC, the Law Enforcement Transparency and Advisory Commission will commence meetings on October 5th.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm