October 2014

Posted on Oct 2, 2014

October 2, 2014


Board Members Present

B. Freeman, President

J. Carson, Sgt. At Arms

T. Ives, Treasurer

J. Gustafson

J. Wohlbach,

J. Keller


Board Members Absent

M. Singels, Vice President

R. Williamson, Secretary

L. Lazoff

M. Ray


Staff Members Present

R. Rogers, Executive Director

R. Keller, Office Manager



R. Radabaugh

Dave Munger, CONO

Kim and Tom


President B. Freeman called the meeting to order at 1140 hours.


Guest – Dave Munger

Mr. Munger talked to the group about the storm water issues on the fall ballot, Issue 1B. The Pikes Peak Regional Drainage Authority is made up of Colorado Springs City Council, El Paso county Commissioners, Manitou Springs, fountain, and Green Mountain Falls. Mr. Munger was there to ask for an endorsement and financial support. Mr. Munger answered questions from the Board and the audience. He explained there is a 20 year sunset clause. The bulk of the funds received (55% to capital projects, 35% to maintenance, 10% to emergencies = 99%) go to projects. Monument and Palmer Lake opted out of participating but they can join later, as well as other municipalities. Mr. Munger said there will be a Technical Advisory Committee and a Citizens’ review Board to aid in prioritizing projects or making changes. The County Treasurer has volunteered to collect the funds with the property taxes. Liens can be put against property owners who do not pay.




Guests – Kim and Tom

Kim and Tom want to offer a free financial seminar, titled “How Money Works,” to CSPPA members. They would look at retirement options, debt, savings for different goals (education, needs), taxes, etc. It is a 30 minute presentation then time for questions and answers.   T. Ives would like to have informational and training sessions sponsored by the PPA. Kim and Tom would be willing to research City/FPPA benefits for members. They may be included in future Retirement Resources Open Houses hosted by the PPA.


Membership Issues

There will be significant cost increases to the City medical plans. The City did not look at other providers this year.


Parks and Rec has asked for the land north of the Impound Lot for a Frisbee golf course. This land was intended to expand the Impound Lot.


Executive Session Notes

The Board has tabled looking into accepting other agencies as members.


The PATs have started. They are still refining the process.


Bill Elder ensured the Board he will keep his campaign promises. He would like to have a new regional Communications Center up in 18 months.



Account               September                             2014                                 2013
Checking                                                         $   93,999.61                 $   93,101.91
General Fund                                                $ 273,019.32                 $ 424,074.70
General Invested Advisory Fund              $ 199,378.30                 $             0
Fallen Officers Fund                                    $ 109,122.78                 $   74,670.35

Totals                                                          $ 675,520.01                 $ 591,846.96
Hundred Club/ Fallen Officers Fund     $   15,812.37                 $   20,794.70
SDC account- political candidates          $   31,244.00                 $   39,744.00


Membership is up.

The golf tournament brought in over $8,000 to the Fallen Officers Fund.

There was an audit this year of the financials. The Association did very well.

Legal fees are up. There have been more IA cases this year.

Gym fees are up due to a larger area that needs to be cleaned.


Board Approvals

J. Keller moved to approve the September General Member and Executive Session Meeting Minutes. J. Wohlbach seconded. All approved.


J. Wohlbach moved to approve the August Financials. J. Carson seconded. All approved.





Director’s Report

The ballots are coming out next week. There is a question on the ballot about more cops or more pay. The Board needs to know where the membership stands to be better representatives. Encourage voting.


R. Rogers and M. Ray are going to meet with Steve Cox about Worker’s Comp.


The PPA offices might be moving. They will stay in the same building, on the same floor, but to a larger office space on the west side of the building. There is also a possibility the business vacating will sell their furniture at a good price.


R. Rogers asked if anyone in attendance wanted to go to the Medal of Valor Luncheon and sit at the PPA table. S. Carbonara-Ramos and Chaplain Gene (with his wife) would like to go.


The meeting was adjourned at 1300 hours.



Minutes prepared by: S. Carbonara-Ramos