September 1, 2016 BOD Meeting Minutes

Posted on Sep 27, 2016


Board Members Present:

M. Singels, President

J. Havenar, Vice President

J. Carson, Sgt-at-Arms

S. Pugsley

D. Graham

W. Walsh

T. Charles

J. Keller

Board Members Absent:

R. Biechler, Treasurer

R. Williamson, Secretary

Staff Members Present:

S. Dillon, Executive Director

R. Keller, Office Manager

J. Newsome, Staff Attorney


Kevin Dunbaugh, Edward Jones

General Session called to order 11:00am

General Member Concerns:

Clarified member questions regarding FLSA guidelines

Member Discussion Items:

Christmas Party Update: Christmas committee met with facility representative to discuss budget; mechanisms to reduce expenses discussed; event to be held December 17th at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

Children’s Party: Former site (iT’Z) no longer in business; options explored and to be discussed at future board meeting.

Pay and Compensation update: City HR Director Mike Sullivan to meet with pay and compensation committee members on September 2nd. Committee is scheduled to meet with Mayor John Suthers, and separately, with City Council Member Jill Gaebler, on September 6th.

Health RFP Committee Update: Committee completed work. Results to remain confidential until released by City.

By-law Review: By-laws amended to remove time restrictions regarding length of membership necessary prior to running for Board of Directors.

1st D. Graham

2nd T. Charles

All approved

Agenda for the Chiefs’ meeting:


Shift start times

Financial Report: Full report to be given at board meeting on October 6th.  Data unavailable at time of September meeting.

Investment Accounts     August 2016 July 2016 June 2016 May 2016 April 2016 March 2016
Checking $71,384.39 $42,826.68 $48,314.96 $29,915.70 $21,323.68 $53,476.64
Gen.Invested Fund $298,325.73 $297,977.07 $284,840.81 $290,146.25 $287,438.18 $284,205.27
Fallen Officers Fd. $129,843.03 $129,248.09 $124,258.93 $125,512.84 $124,857.26 $123,066.33
Totals $499,533.15 $470,051.84 $457,414.70 $445,574.79 $433,619.12 $460,748.24


The board approved a $200 donation to Pioneer Elementary School in support of a new school club. CSPPA badge logo to be printed on club shirts.

1st J. Havenar

2nd J. Carson

All approved

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm