Posted on Sep 13, 2015


Board Members Present:

B. Freeman, President

J.Havenar, Vice President

T. Ives, Treasurer

D. Graham

P. Tomitsch

J. Wohlbach

J. Keller

J. Gustafson

S. Pugsley

Board Members Absent:

R. Williamson, Secretary

J. Carson, Sergeant-at-Arms

Staff Members Present:

S. Dillon, Executive Director

R. Keller, Office Manager


4 PPA Members

Kevin Dunbaugh, Edward Jones

Meeting called to order 11:00am

Prior to commencing donation requests and member discussion items, a brief synopsis of proposed 2016 health benefits was presented by Ms. Jennifer Stroh, Benefits and Wellness Supervisor for the City of Colorado Springs.

Donation Requests: (2015 Donation funds available: $7,150.00)

CAPS Request: $2,500 for sponsorship of the April 2016 Community Advancing Public Safety Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. As the CAPS Luncheon is not until April 2016, a motion was made to defer a decision until the January meeting as the Board is revising the donation approval process.

1st Pete Tomitsch

2nd Tim Ives

All approved

Motors’ Request for PPA donation of 20 Maxx-Dri Vests at a discounted price of $71.99 for a total of $1,439.80. Discussion ensued regarding the likelihood of similar requests in the future and the need for the PPA to remain fiscally responsible to its membership. No motion was made; request died.

Police Foundation of COS (Kyle Hybl): Request for table Sponsorship at November Medal of Valor luncheon. A motion was made to donate $1,500.00 giving the PPA a table at the event, recognition in the program and at the luncheon, and electronic display of the PPA logo.

1st Jill Wohlbach

2nd Tim Ives

All approved

Member Discussion Items:

AFBA First Responder Term Life Insurance: The Board agreed to publish information on the AFBA First Responder Term Life Insurance program on the PPA website as well as in The Centurion.

1st Pete Tomitsch

2nd John Havenar

All approved

A discussion of the upcoming PPA meeting with Mayor Suthers and Local 5, to be held on September 14, 2015, was presented. Also reiterated was the PPA’s position of support for the November ballot tax initiative.

There was discussion regarding media inquiries coming into the PPA, and how that might best be managed in support of members. The pros and cons of media engagement were discussed, and the issue remains on the table for further conversation among the Board.

Agenda for the Chief’s meeting on 9/23/15 (NOTE DATE CHANGE):

  1. Update on September PPA meeting with Mayor Suthers and Local 5.
  2. PPA follow-up on peer level officer engagement in discipline issues (note: to be tabled until October meeting).
  3. Discussion of 2016 Health Benefit briefing.
  4. Update on 2016 PPA ballot.
  5. Discussion of citizen complaints and length of the IA process.

Financial Report:

Financial position is healthy; fund balance down compared to same period last year, attributable to purchase of 516 North Tejon.

Approval of June financials:

1st J. Wohlbach

2nd S. Pugsley

All approved

Director’s Report:

Building update: Construction is completed, with the exception of “punch list” repairs and air conditioner servicing.

Open House: Tentatively scheduled for October 20th. Invites to be distributed when date is confirmed.

Use of Multi-purpose room: Several requests have been received for use of the multi-purpose room. The Board tabled discussion of parameters surrounding its use until the October meeting.

Meeting adjourned 1:30pm; Executive Session convened to discuss member benefits.