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The CSPPA protects members’ constitutional rights; interests; and safety as they relate to the profession of law enforcement, and facilitates an environment of camaraderie and community. We speak with one voice and move with one purpose - to support our members.

We serve more than 1000 members, including sworn, civilian, and retired employees of  CSPD, providing a host of  benefits and 24/7 on call critical incident support. 

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Established 1971

CSPPA History

The CSPPA was initially  established in 1971, when eight members of the Colorado Springs Police Department met for the purpose of creating an organization that would equally represent all members of the department with an organized and unified voice. At that time, approximately 150 of the department’s 198 sworn officers  joined the newly created Colorado Springs Police Protective Association (CSPPA). The cost of membership was $2 per month, which the organizers of the Association hand collected  from each member. 

Incorporated in 1972 as a 501 c5 labor organization, the Association also proved to be a tremendous mechanism for presenting a positive image of the police force in the eyes of the Colorado Springs community.

In 1975, the City of Colorado Springs donated Fire Station #4, then located at 29 S. Institute Street, to the CSPPA for their first building. In extreme disrepair, CSPPA members donated supplies, their time, and their expertise, renovating the building into a first-class facility. This membership effort helped cement a strong and powerful bond for the group that still exists today.

We now serve 1000+ Members

The CSPPA has grown tremendously since its early days.  We now own a 6000-square foot building with secure, 24/7 member access and our membership exceeds 1000,  including sworn, civilian, and retired employees of the Colorado Springs Police Department. 

With the current socio-political climate regarding police work and affiliated services, we are especially committed to  safeguarding our members in both their professional and personal lives. We have built collaborative relationships with key decision-makers, including CSPD leadership and City of Colorado Springs officials, which has allowed us to advocate for members on several fronts, including pay, benefits, and policy development.  We also maintain a Fallen Officer Fund, built by members for members, to provide immediate relief when an on-duty tragedy strikes.

The CSPPA also works to establish closer ties among officers by hosting two Christmas events, as well as by participating in  charitable functions and volunteer work. 

We are here to support our members starting as new hires, continuing through their careers, and on into retirement. If you are not already a member, we urge you to protect yourself and your career by joining the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association.  Simply click on the “Apply Here” link at the top of this page.

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