Critical Incidents

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

The CSPPA is here to support our members, sworn and civilian,  during their training,  throughout their careers, and on into retirement.

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Supporting members since 1971

Numerous Member Benefits

CSPPA offers our members many amazing benefits from 24-7 building access to fallen officer funds.

Legal Coverage

Unlimited legal coverage for sworn and civilian duty-related incidents and internal affairs investigations, and up to $2,500 for medical retirement.


The CSPPA provides a weight and exercise gym for members 24 hours a day.

Death Benefit

$10,000 duty related death benefit for sworn and civilian members, and $2,500 for a member’s off-duty death. Plus a $1,500 Death Benefit to the listed beneficiary upon a retired member’s death.

24/7 Critical Incident Coverage


The CSPPA protects members’ constitutional rights; interests; and safety as they relate to the profession of law enforcement, and facilitates an environment of camaraderie and community.

Founded in 1971

We currently support 1000+ members, including sworn, civilian, and retired employees of CSPD.