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We Take Care of Our Members

Becoming a member of the CSPPA gives you and your family the support you need for the challenging work you do. Here are some of the most popular benefits but all of our benefits are listed below. 

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Member Benefits

Below are the main Member Benefits that CSPPA offers its members. 

UNLIMITED LEGAL COVERAGE for duty-related incidents and internal affairs investigations, and up to $2,500 for medical retirements.  All legal representation must be accessed through the CSPPA staff attorney with prior notification given to the CSPPA Executive Director.  Active sworn and civilian CSPPA members have access to the Legal Defense Fund (PORAC) for legal representation in cases of on-duty critical incidents or duty-related criminal allegations.

When a member decides to resign from the PPA, they must state an effective date on their letter of resignation.  If the membership dues continue to be withheld after that date, the PPA will write a reimbursement check.   Membership benefits listed above are set annually by the Board of Directors.