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CSPPA Statement on Officer Involved Shooting

Yesterday afternoon, CSPPA representatives met with CSPD Chief Vince Niski regarding the officer involved shooting that occurred on Saturday evening, August 3rd.  While it requires an investment of time and a level of patience on the part of the public, we agreed that the investigative process is the only mechanism that will result in factually-based findings.

With that said, the PPA is extremely disappointed in The Gazette for their lack of judgment in releasing surveillance video prior to factual vetting.  The Gazette’s hasty decision to make this video available ignores the process by which critical incidents are evaluated, and serves no purpose other than to inflame public sentiment.  Rather than permitting the investigative process to occur, The Gazette has chosen to use social media as a platform to try this case in the court of public opinion.  Unfortunately, this significantly damages their credibility for balanced reporting.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, however, given that the investigation is ongoing, our knowledge and ability to discuss the incident at hand is limited.