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CSPPA Adds Ballot Issue 2 to its Endorsements

After a thorough vetting process, the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association is endorsing the following candidates for City Council:

- District 1: Greg Basham
- District 3: Chuck Fowler
- District 4: Deborah Hendrix
- District 5: Lynette Crow-Iverson

While there was general consensus among candidates regarding TABOR, stormwater, and economic growth, Basham, Fowler, Hendrix, and Crow-Iverson distinguished themselves on issues specific to CSPPA’s nearly 900 members. Most notably, the subcommittee found that these four candidates best aligned with CSPPA members on the need to:

- achieve pay and compensation competitive to other Front Range departments,
- ensure the safety of law enforcement officers,
- develop sustainable revenue streams to fund law enforcement,
- prohibit recreational marijuana retail stores as proscribed by federal law,
- streamline processes that impede decision-making.

The CSPPA is endorsing Greg Basham, Chuck Fowler, Deborah Hendrix, and Lynette Crow-Iverson as we believe each will efficiently and effectively address the most pressing needs of our membership, and maintain open communication with CSPPA representatives.

In addition, the CSPPA is endorsing ballot Issue 2, allowing the City of Colorado Springs to retain and spend up to $6 million of the revenue which exceeds the TABOR cap for both 2016 and 2017. If passed, Issue 2 ensures that the excess monies will be used exclusively to meet stormwater needs, mitigating the impact on general fund allocations for other city services, including law enforcement.