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Senate Bill 20-217

The Board of Directors of the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association vigorously opposes Senate Bill 20-217, known as the Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity bill.

Given the breakneck speed with which this bill is moving through the legislative process, we question whether input has been sought from the myriad stakeholder groups having the expertise and knowledge of best practices, key to crafting representative state law. As such, we oppose the bill until the law enforcement community is given a fair opportunity to collaborate with legislators in identifying goals and the best means to achieve them.

We encourage all CSPPA members to voice their opposition to this bill by writing to your legislators as soon as possible.  Email addresses can be found at https://leg.colorado.gov/legislators and a copy of the bill is available at https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb20-21

If need be, copy and paste the URL into your web browser.

Jim Carson,

President, CSPPA Board of Directors